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Frequency is 2 to 3 per week from 8am Cst to 3pm Cst and no weekends.

Reply STOP to opt-out. Remember you miss all opportunities you don’t take.

SMS Keyword Opt-in:
advertise a specific keyword (e.g., “JOIN” or “SUBSCRIBE”) that users can text to a designated number (956) 305-5200 to opt-in.
Upon texting the keyword, users should receive a confirmation message, ensuring they understand they’ve opted into receiving further messages.

Paper Form Opt-in:
In physical locations like stores or events, end-users can fill out paper forms indicating their consent to receive messages. This form should clearly state the purpose and frequency of the messages.

Verbal Opt-in:
End-users can verbally agree to receive messages, especially in scenarios like customer service calls. The representative should clearly explain the nature of the messages and obtain verbal confirmation.
It’s essential to record such interactions or note the user’s consent in their customer profile for verification purposes.

QR Code Opt-in:
Use QR codes on advertisements, posters, or product packaging. Scanning the QR code can lead the user to a web form where they can provide their consent or directly opt them into a messaging list with a clear indication of what they’ve signed up for.

Email Opt-in:
While primarily used for email marketing, use email to obtain consent for SMS messaging. Users can click on a link in the email, leading them to a web form where they can provide their mobile number and consent to receive messages.

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