NO Gas! No Effort! No Results!

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  1. Forget "packages" and "subscriptions" - this is the Freight Launchpad. It's your fast-track ticket to closing deals and building a badass freight business.

    Here's the deal:

    • No BS Setup: Ditch the confusion. Order any of our options (One to Eight) or subscribe and get a warm welcome, the Formula, and processes delivered straight to your inbox. Start crushing it right away.

    • One-Time Fee, one-Month Kickstart: Each option comes with a one-time setup fee and fuels your success. Think of it as your freight bootcamp.

    • Renew or Subscribe for More: Want to stay on the winning track? Renew your option or upgrade to a subscription for ongoing support and bonus benefits.

    This ain't your typical "package" - it's a game-changer.

    Here's what you get:

    • The Formula: Our proven framework for attracting, closing, and keeping shippers happy. No more guesswork, just actionable steps to success.

    • Processes: Stop wasting time reinventing the wheel. We give you the systems and workflows you need to automate tasks and maximize efficiency.

    • Support: Got questions? We've got answers. Get ongoing support from our team of freight experts.

    • Bonus Benefits (Subscriptions): Take your business to the next level with exclusive tools, resources, and community access.

    Stop struggling, start winning. Join the Freight Launchpad and unlock your freight domination potential.

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*Please note that refunds are not possible due to the valuable tools, knowledge, and shippers are provided.
You can transfer or sell them.
We're committed to supporting your success!

NO Gas! No Effort! No Results!

Join The Freight Network! Get Results!

We offer a range of options to fit your needs:
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  • Software & Technology:
    • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): $150/month (Manage your customer interactions)

    • Auto Broker System: $1000/month (Automate tasks and streamline operations)

    • Rate Tools: $100/month (Gain insights and optimize pricing)

    • Loadboard Access: $100-$300/month (Connect with potential clients)

    • Website Development: $300-$1300 (One-time fee, build your online presence)

    • Tool/Website Support: $100/month (Ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting)

    Marketing & Sales Support:

    • Leads: $50-$1000 each (Targeted leads to grow your business)

    • Exclusive Leads: $25 each (High-value leads for a competitive edge)

    • Sales Training: $1000 (One-time fee, improve your negotiation skills)

    • Scripts: $100 each (Ready-made scripts for effective communication)

    • Linkedin Premium: $200/month (Enhance your professional network)

    • Digital Business Cards: Range (Invest in a digital solution for better reach)

    Additional Services:

    • Custom Bots $299 one-time setup gets your bot battle-ready. After Only $50 a month per bot. That's cheaper than a monthly latte.

    • Grants Assistance: $500/month (Guidance on securing funding)

    • Business Plan Development: $1000 (One-time fee, create a roadmap for success)

    • Dispatching Services: $100/hour (Outsource dispatch tasks for efficiency)

    • Smart Sunglasses: $299 (Optional - not core service)

    Comprehensive Management Solutions:

    • All Operations Package (Marketing/Sales/Operations/Logistics/Planning/Accounting): $3500/month (Full-service management for your air freight business)

    Transparency Note:

    • Prices for some services may vary depending on your specific requirements.

    • We encourage you to schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs and receive a customized quote.

Brokerage Automation Engine (Yearly $15,000/Monthly $550): Streamline your operations and save time with automation tools (optional first-month access included).

The Air Freight Accelerator (Yearly $5,000/Monthly $350): Gain access to exclusive resources, coaching, and strategies to optimize your air freight operations.

The Broker's Inner Circle (One-Time $2,000): Learn insider knowledge and negotiation tactics from industry experts.

The Carrier Command Center (One-Time $599): Access a platform that could potentially increase your per-load rate by 10% (details available). Click on New Auth for more info.

The Elite Rate Club (One-Time $699): Participate in a Saturday training session led by experts. Learn advanced techniques to secure higher rates (up to 30% increase) and faster payments. Limited Time Offer: Lock in the monthly tool fee of $100.

Transparent Pricing & Free Consultation:
All program fees are listed upfront. Sunglasses are not included and can be purchased separately for $299 (excluding tax).

Unsure which option is right for you? Schedule a free Zoom call with Hertt to discuss your specific needs and ask any questions you may have!

Boost Your Air Freight Business and Secure Higher Profits!

Worried about inflation? Our programs and training can help you navigate economic challenges by securing higher rates on your air freight shipments.

-Hertt, Your Business Expert, Says:
"If they keep printing money, then what's more important?" Mastering your skills and maximizing your profits! That's where we come in.